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EMC Week!
Five days, everything you need to know about EMC!
(One of the most comprehensive treatments on the subject of EMC available anywhere)
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Day 1: "A Day in the EMC Lab" by Derek Walton of LF Research
Day 2: "Troubleshooting & Pre-compliance Testing at Your Facility (on the cheap) by Ken Wyatt
Day 3:
"PC Board Design for Compliance" by Dan Beeker of NXP Semiconductor
Day 4:
"System Level ESD/EMI, Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques" by Doug Smith
Day 4: "Lab Techniques for Design Troubleshooting" plus "Test Lab Errors That Can Spoil Your Day" by Doug Smith
Day 5 Afternoon: Expert panel session by the instructors

Price of $1995 includes seminar notes and lunch each day.

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