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Boulder City Classroom
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Boulder City Classroom Setup for Six People
Boulder City Lab Where We Do Experiments/Demos

Lab Techniques, Robust Design, and Troubleshooting
September 11-13 (sold out!) and October 16-18, 2018 (seats available)
Want to avoid product delays and field problems due to design bugs or EMC/ESD issues?
This seminar is for you and is much broader than just EMC/ESD issues.

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One of the best seminar venues in the industry with some people staying on after the seminar to see the area.
The seminar fee includes your hotel room for up to 4 nights, 2 meals/day in the
Boulder Dam Hotel (or nearby overflow hotel).
Now Included: an Amazon Fire Tablet computer preloaded with the course notes!
This seminar is limited to 6-8 people to insure the best experience!
Click here to see a walk through of the facilities in Boulder City, NV
Group discounts for 2 or more people from the same company are available up to $1250 total.

The combination of the material presented, the venue, and the passionate presentation will likely make for the best technical short course/seminar you have ever taken! Didn't think a technical presentation can be passionate? This one is. The result is this short course/seminar
will likely be the most informative, practical, and FUN seminar you can attend. Some of the information you will learn is not covered anywhere else in the engineering world but will help you hone your engineering skills.

The seminar includes many design and troubleshooting techniques from my research that have saved my clients millions of dollars and are only available at this seminar. No other event, symposia, seminar, or webinar covers these privately developed techniques.

NEW: A signifiant improvement to my pulsed injection method of finding design flasw quickly will also be presented at this seminar.

New topics and features added added in 2017-2018:
  1. A signifiant improvement to my pulsed injection method of finding design flaws quickly will also be presented at this seminar.
  2. A new troubleshooting technique that can predict failure risk due to product degradation in the field over time! There is nothing like this anywhere in the industry and is a new development. This applies to both equipment, PCB, and integrated circuit design.
  3. Measurement techniques for the design lab to find design flaws quickly.
  4. An "ESD" test that can find design problems missed by conventional ESD testing and yet cause low probability, but critical field problems.
  5. Expanded section on switching power supply and class D amplifier noise
  6. A new form of ESD/EFT generated by system power supplies (how your system can take itself out)
  7. Analyzing systems as a collection of resonant, tuned circuits for robust design and troubleshooting
  8. Effects of radio frequency signals on analog circuits
  9. EMC test lab errors that can spoil your day (much more common than you would think)
  10. Simple antenna theory for troubleshooting EMC problems (leading to using your index finger as a useful troubleshooting tool)
Seminar Outline: click here
This seminar, and its demonstrations, are the product of a lifetime of experimentation and electronic design, 55+ years of electrical engineering (starting at age 12). Major concepts discussed in the seminar are illustrated with experiments on live circuits that were developed over years and are quite unique, enabling a deeper understanding of engineering concepts than seminars usually do. Many new topics and experiments have been added over the last few months that engineers and technicians will find very useful in producing, testing, or debugging new and existing designs of ALL types. No other seminar illustrates principles of design with experiments like this seminar does! Using the techniques presented in this seminar, design problems can be found and fixed in a few days, not weeks or months that are typical in the industry, not to mention being able to avoid the problems in the first place.

Seminar Testimonials
Here is one of many testimonials:
"Your seminar still rates as one of the most educational experiences of my life. It was awesome." KC Armstrong
Click here for more!

This three day seminar takes the best points from my seminars and compresses them into three action packed days with lecture, video, and many demonstrations on live circuits. Time is allowed for attendees to operate the experiments if they want. In two days, you will learn how to make accurate measurements in the lab and then apply those techniques to design verification and troubleshooting as well as EMC problems. The techniques and experiments are geared to the development lab and common equipment found there. During an optional third day, ESD/EMI at the system level will be covered as well as applying system level ESD stress to components, such as LEDs, in a test environment. This seminar is derived from the following seminars and is composed of the best points from them to make the best use of your time. All attendees will receive a USB thumb drive with a pdf copy of the notes on it as well as other useful technical information.

In addition, the seminar fee includes (for the same price that other seminars in the field cost for just the seminar and lunch):
  1. Amazon Fire 7 tablet computer preloaded with the course notes and additional useful information.
  2. Up to four nights in the historic Boulder City Dam Hotel
  3. Breakfast and lunch each day
  4. Tour of the Boulder Dam Museum Tuesday afternoon
  5. A PDF electronic color copy of the notes.
  6. A one year membership in the Boulder Dam Museum for unlimited visits to the Boulder Dam Museum, discounts at the Boulder Dam Hotel, and more.
  7. And, a complimentary consulting session on one of the three evenings after the seminar on a first come, first served basis.
You just have to get to The Boulder Dam Hotel and I take it from there except for evening dinners.

During your stay, walk around town and experience the scenic, quaint town of Boulder City, NV. Boulder City is like living in the 1950s but with high speed Internet! However, the glitter of Las Vegas is only ~25 miles away.

This seminar combines features from my University of Oxford classes (below) into three days of practical information. Seminar Outline
Click here to send an email for registration details.

The Boulder City, NV seminar above is a very special event.Attendance is limited to insure a "one-on-one" experience. The seminar is held in beautiful Boulder City, NV near Hoover Dam. Lodging, most meals, and an Amazon Fire 7 tablet computer are included, and yet, this seminar costs no more than most public seminars. Previous people attending have rated these seminars as the best they have ever taken! There are no lengthly forms to fill out, just contact me by phone or email for details or to register. To see testimonials, click here

Contact me if you are interesting in having a semi-private "seminar-on-demand" for your company in Boulder City or on-site at your company location. The material can be custom tailored to your interests from topics you see on this website for groups of 2 to 8 on short notice. Click here to send an email requesting details. I can also arrange a session in Boulder City to troubleshoot your design on my test bench for small products.

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