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A Series of Informal Podcasts on a Number of Topics
Douglas C. Smith
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This page contains a series of podcasts that are less structured and more informal than those on my main podcast page at Unlike those programs, the ones below are not heavily edited for a professional sound. This saves a lot of time and allows me to produce programs more frequently. The programs will be on a number of subjects many, but not all, on engineering topics such as my favorite topic of high frequency measurements. Sometimes I may diverge into other technical areas quite separate from electrical engineering and sometimes into completely non-technical areas. I think you will find these podcasts a lot of fun, and as always with my material, feel free to reproduce, share with friends, re-post, do most anything you want with the files as long as the audio files are not edited or changed. They must remain in their original forms.

The programs are available as mp3 files. If you click on the link, the audio should play in your browser. If you right click on the link and select "save target as" you can save the file to your hardrive for listening to later or for archiving the program. For those of you who cannot download mp3 files, there is an identical file but ending in .dcs. Just right click on the .dcs file and save to your hard drive. After download, change .dcs to .mp3 and listen.

Feel free to contact me. I encourage people to submit topics you would like to see discussed.

Available Shows

July 2006 (back from vacation and a trip to Oxford University)

July 16, 2006 - I don't have an IT department watching over my computers for me, so over the years I have developed a few simple rules for keeping my computers safe. In this podcast, I discuss these simple rules. I tried a new microphone for mobile podcasting so the audio may sound a little different than normal. (~2.1 MB, 9 min 26 sec)
2006-0716up.mp3 2006-0716up.dcs (same file but with .dcs extension, see notes at top of page)

July 9, 2006 - Oxford University, troubleshooting experiments at today's high frequencies, vitamin C, the strongest cough drops in the world (to avoid coughing while passing through customs),  modifying the design of a 28 year old Mustang, and other technical and non-technical topics. This show is really unplugged! (~2.5 MB, 10 min 53 sec)
2006-0709up.mp3 2006-0709up.dcs (same file but with .dcs extension, see notes at top of page)

June 2006

June 19, 2006 - Lie detectors and system tests. (~1.2 MB, 5 min 7 sec)
2006-0619up.mp3 2006-0619up.dcs (same file but with .dcs extension, see notes at top of page)

June 13, 2006 - Tesla coils and digilog circuit design. (~1 MB, 4 min 33 sec)
2006-0613up.mp3  2006-0613up.dcs  (same file but with .dcs extension, see notes at top of page)

June 11, 2006 - Introductory show, things to come, browser security and more. (~1.4 MB, 5 min 57 sec)
2006-0611up.mp3  2006-0611up.dcs  (same file but with .dcs extension, see notes at top of page)

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