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Independent Consulting

My consulting activities focus on design verification and problems at the system, circuit, and device level as well as EMC and immunity (including ESD) problems. For information on my background, click here. By applying specialized knowledge and measurement technology that I have developed over the years, I have often solved design problems or field problems in hours or a few days that have not yielded to weeks, months, or even years of effort using conventional engineering methods of investigation..

Systems and designs I have consulted on in recent years include:

Usually I apply high frequency measurement techniques on-site to problems both to find the problem and to give the client the tools needed to understand and avoid problems in the future. Problems I have solved include: signal integrity, electromagnetic emissions, immunity to ESD and electrical fast transients, and immunity to sources of noise for which there are no current standards. If your system is experiencing unexplained glitches, data loss, or malfunctions, I can usually help. Providing design techniques and verification measurement methods for proactive avoidance of noise, immunity, or EMC problems are also part of what I can do for clients.

If you have a design problem either in the lab or the field, call me, or send email. I will be glad to discuss the problem with you and sometimes can solve it over the phone at no charge.

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