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2000 EOS/ESD Symposium Pictures

The pictures below were taken at the year 2000 EOS/ESD (Electrical Overstress/Electrostatic Discharge) Symposium held in Anaheim, California, USA the week of September 25th, 2000. The pictures include general shots of the Symposium and of some of the supplier booths showing usesful products.

The event was held at the Disneyland Hotel!
There were plenty of opportunities for recreation.
The "Gang" at the Barth Electronics Booth.
Barth's 180 degree combiner. It works to 1 GHz!
Novx makes a line of static voltmeters.
There was lots of ESD "stuff" at the exhibits.
Credence makes ESD event detectors and other interesting ESD related equipment.
Credence ESD event detector with IP address!
A NoiseKen EFT Burst Generator.
Fun at the KeyTek booth!
ECP is electrically conductive particleboard.
Ionizers are used to neutralize static charge.
Henry Ott teaching ESD tutorial.
Spirited discussion at System Level Workshop.
At the start!
Need help?
Behind the scenes workers doing a great job!
There were lots of goodies available. Slurp!

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