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IEC TC77b Meeting
Chandler, AZ
November 11-15, 2002

hotel entrance
Hotel Entrance
Fountain on the Hotel Grounds
Hotel grounds view
A display case in the hotel
A View of the Hotel Grounds
One of Several Display Cases in the Lobby.
View of the hotel pool
Another pool view
View of Hotel Pool (great weather!)
Another View of the Pool (in November!)
Talll palm trees
Walkway with vines
Tall Palms on a Typical Arizona Day
A Walkway on the Hotel Grounds
Dense palms outside of hotel room
American Southwest Architechure
The "Jungle" View Outside of Hotel Room
Typical Southwestern Shops near Hotel
Nearby building with palms
Shopping area
Nearby Coffee Shop
Shopping Area near Hotel
Dual rows of columns
American Southwest style Park 
Roman  Columns in the American Southwest
Banner on pole
The committee at work

Meeting Summary

The committee is hard at work on the second day of meetings in the pictureabove. The document that resulted from this meeting is close to final forthe new IEC 61000-4-2 system level ESD standard. This rewrite should substantiallyimprove the repeatability of ESD testing in the future.
Chandler, AZ USA banner
The Committee at Work

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