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Unique and Useful Instruments
  The two products below incorporate design principles foundon this website. The differential probe can make measurements that activedifferential probes are not capable of while the fast pulser allows quicktesting of equipment for immunity to some of the impulsive EMI describedon this site. Both are sold by Fischer Custom Communications and have been partly designed by myself.

1.5 GHz differential probe

1.5 GHz Differential probe
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This probe has an inputimpedance above 1 GHz that can be 20 to 30 times or more greater than activedifferential probes when used with typical probe hardware. It also overcomesmany other limitations of active differential probes at high frequenciesas well. See the Technical Tidbit: August 2002, Probe Input Impedance Revisited- Active Probes

Pulsed Field ESD Simulator

Pulsed Field ESD Simulator
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This instrument is a new fast pulser for simulatingenvironmental impulse noise such as some of the unusual forms of ESD describedon this site. It simulates noise sources not covered by current standardsthat have caused significant field problems in equipment.

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