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Service Links

Listed below are links to EMC and other services I have used in thelast few years and was happy with. Of course, I can not guarantee you willbe as happy as I was with these services, but from my experiences, I canrecommend them. Click on the logos to go the the respective webpages.

EMC Design Advisory Service
EMC Design Advisory Service
Tel/Mobile: 714-545-2519/714-227-2767
FAX: 714-545-2519
E-mail: michael@systemsemc.com
Web: http://www.systemsemc.com

Elliott Laboratories
684 West Maude Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Tel: 1-408-245-7800/Fax: 408-245-3499
Web: http://www.elliottlabs.com

EMC Compliance Management Group
670 National Avenue,
Mountain View, CA 94043
Tel/Fax: 650-988-0900/650-988-6647
Web: http://emclab2000.com

Warren has passed away. This link will remain active as long as his site is up.
Epsilon-Mu Consultants, Warren Birmingham
34551 Pueblo Terrace, Fremont, California
Tel: (510) 793-4806/FAX: (510) 793-5386
Web: http://www.epsilon-mu.com
Email warren@epsilon-mu.com
Richard Haynes Consulting
EMC/ESD Materials and Applications
223 Mt. Lucas Rd.
Princeton, NJ 08540 
Tel/Fax: 609-497-4584/609-497-4792
Web: http://www.emcesd.com/pages/rhaynes



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