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Pictures of London and Oxford, England
June, 2001

In June, 2001 I taught my high frequency measurement and design course at Oxford University in England. Below are pictures of London and Oxford taken while on that trip. Enjoy!

Big Ben (no description needed)
Buckingham Palace
The Marble Arches
The London Aquarium
The British Museum, a great place!
Giant Ferris Wheel next to the London Aquarium.
One of many statues and fountains in London.
This lower floor of a restraurant in London looks like an underground shelter from WWII.
The National Portrait Museum has many original paintings dating back hundreds of years.
There are a great many original Egyptian artifacts in London, both inside and outside of museums.
Oxford is filled with interesting architecture.
A street in Oxford.


A Spire in downtown Oxford.
Close-up of spire (upper)
The Cotswold Lodge, Oxford (lower).


A narrow street in Oxford.
Monument (above) and modern plaza (below)
in Oxford.

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