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Seminar Room Setup

A unique feature of my seminars is the significant amount of seminar time spent performing demonstrations on live circuits. Because of this, I use an unusual room setup. As shown in the two pictures below from Oxford University, I place three tables at the front of the room to perform the demonstrations on and hold the oscilloscope, computer, and video projector. Some of the demonstrations use cables that stretch up to four meters along the table. A table to the side (on the left in the pictures below) holds the seminar equipment not in current use. I perform the demonstrations facing the attendees with the scope screen and/or computer screen projected onto the wall behind. Color slides of the demonstration setup are used so people can see the fine details of the setup. The room arrangement should allow everyone a clear view of the demonstration table. If you are considering having a private seminar at your company, this is the preferred room setup.

table layout for seminar
seminar room layout

Main Tables with Holding Table in Background (left) and Room Setup (right)

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