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Public Seminar: High Frequency Measurements and Noise in Electronic Circuits
Presented at the Toll House Hotel in Scenic Los Gatos, CA
September 18th and 19th, 2000

You have missed the September seminar. Click here for details of the next seminar.

This seminar has been acclaimed by many as one of the best technical seminars for design and EMC engineers and technicians available. Some features include:

  1. Night before dinner with entertaining Keynote Address included with registration.
  2. Major principles are demonstrated on real circuits and equipment in real time for the class.
  3. Lively multimedia color presentation.
  4. Attendees receive a paper copy of the course notes and a CD-ROM with megabytes of technical information.
The laboratory demonstrations account for about 50% of class time. Students will have the opportunity to suggest additional experiments or variations of the original experiments which will be done in real time for the class. I tell the attendees that I don't expect them to believe anything I say, I will prove it to them through experiments. This approach is more work for the instructor, but gives the attendees a much better experience.

This seminar is an updated version of my two day demonstration based seminar on design verification and troubleshooting using high frequency measurements. The seminar is an excellent stand alone course or makes a good follow-up seminar to any of the commercially available design or EMC seminars. Many students have rated this seminar the best they have ever taken on any topic! Click here for a detailed description of the seminar.

The cost of the seminar is shown below and includes course notes, a CD-ROM of technical information, and evening before the seminar dinner with Keynote Address as well as continental breakfast, lunch, and break refreshments both seminar days.

For a registration form, click here.
If you are interested in attending or have any questions, click here.

Seminar Fee Schedule
Registration payment received on or before September 5, 2000: $875
Registration payment received after September 5, 2000: $925

The venue will be the Toll House Hotel at 140 South Santa Cruz Avenue, Los Gatos, CA 95030. The hotel phone number is 1-800-238-6111 (reservations) or 1-408-395-7070. Room fee includes airport pickup from San Jose Airport. For information on the Toll House and Los Gatos click on the picture below. A block of rooms will be held until August 18, 2000.

There are two hotels close to the Toll House for overflow. The Village Inn is the closest at about one block away. The Garden Inn is about 3 blocks away. Both are great places. Their room rates are lower than the Toll House but do not include breakfast or pickup from San Jose airport.

The Garden Inn
The Village Inn
46 East Main Street, Los Gatos, CA 95030
235 West Main Street, Los Gatos, CA 95030
Web: http://www.gardeninn-hotel4me.net
Web: under construction
Phone: 1-800-888-8248/1-408-354-6446
Phone: 1-408-354-8120
FAX: 1-408-354-5911
FAX: 1-408-354-8121

The experiments are possibly the best part of the seminar. They cover signal integrity and circuit design as well as EMC topics. Experiments are done in the front of the classroom with the measurement result (typically a scope or spectrum analyzer screen) displayed by a video projector large enough for everyone to see. A few of the experimental setups are shown below. For more information on the layout of the room and experiments, click here.

A Few of the Experiments Performed During the Seminar

Balanced Voltage Measurement of Pigtail Shield Connection
Checking Common Mode Rejection of a Balanced Probe
Measuring Induction of Currents Into an Adjacent Conductor
Split Ground Plane and Circuit Board Noise
Effects of a Path That Penetrates Two Ground Planes
How a Split Ground Plane Affects ESD Immunity
Measuring Parasitic Currents
The "Black Box" Experiment
A Signal Probing Experiment

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