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Technical Tidbit - November 18, 2022

Differences Between ESD Simulators Can Have A Significant Effect on Test Results

Waveform and E-field emission from simulataor

Figure 1.
Contact Discharge Waveform and E-field Emission from an ESD Similator

Abstract: This Technical Tidbit describes the substantial differences between ESD simulators that have a major effect on the outcome an ESD compliance test.

ESD testing often does not yield repeatable results due to differences between ESD simulators that can still be compliant to IEC 61000-4-2. An example of this can be seen in Table 1 below showing contact discharge current waveforms and E-field emissions for two IEC compliant ESD simulators.

Simulator 1 plots
Simulator 2 plots
ESD Simulator 1: Contact Discharge Current (lower) and Radiated E-field (upper)
ESD Simulator 2: Contact Discharge Current (lower) and Radiated E-field (upper)

Table 1. Contact Discharge Current and Radiated E-field Plots for Two Simulators

Looking at the two plots, do you think there will be a difference in test results? There very likely will be. The differences arise from the fact that IEC 61000-4-2 only specified the initial current risetime, the first peak amplitude of current, and the current values at 30 and 60 ns. E-field emissions are not specified at all! So both of these simulators are compliant. So what do you do if your product fails due to the simulator on the right but passes if tested by the one on the left and your test lab uses the one on the right? You need my presentation below.

I have developed over a hundred pages of data on most modern ESD simulators for both air and contact discharge to 5 GHz bandwidth. This data has been incorporated into my new one day web presentation. Attendees get a copy of the data. During the presentation, I intrepret the results and also show how subtle differences in test operator technique in applying the discharges to the EUT can make a 10:1 difference in the stress applied to the EUT. And, an observer may not even notice the difference between operator techniques. Up to date data like this is not available commercially to my knowledge except in my presentation. Commercial cal labs and EMC test labs would not generally have the specialized instrumentation needed to take this data.
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